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Neuropsychological, Psychological and Educational Testing

A Typical Evaluation

A complete evaluation typically begins with an initial meeting (in the case of children and adolescents, this meeting is held with the parents), followed by the testing, and finally, a feedback meeting after the testing.  The initial meeting is an opportunity to obtain necessary background information.  This includes a history of the concerning symptoms; medical, developmental, school, occupational, peer relationship, and psychiatric history; and relevant family history. As needed, I will also review previous evaluations, medical, psychiatric, and school reports, and speak with professionals (e.g, teachers, therapists) involved in your or your child's care. At the end of this first phase, we will determine the appropriate type of evaluation.

Depending on the type of evaluation your child is having, we will need 1-4 sessions to complete the testing.  Adult evaluations are generally completed in 1-2 sessions. After the testing is completed, I will score all the tests and prepare a written report, containing the test results, interpretations, and recommendations. This includes descriptive information about your (or your child’s) performance and abilities; diagnostic impressions, where appropriate; and practical suggestions for school, work, and counseling supports, where needed.  This may also involve referrals to other professionals or services. You will automatically receive a copy of the report. If you have requested that I send the report to other sources, I will do so at the same time. The report will go only to you unless you request otherwise. (The exception to this is if a third party, such as a school, is paying for the evaluation. In this type of situation, the third party is entitled to a copy of the report and you will need to give permission for them to receive it.) I find that most people prefer to receive a copy of the report, have a chance to read over the results, and then come in to discuss them and ask questions that they may still have. I encourage people to call me to set up a feedback session once they have received the report. This is an opportunity for us to make sure that all your concerns, and any new issues, are addressed.

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